Unified Communications

Most businesses have many different communication and collaboration tools at their disposal, including desk phones, cell hones, email, voice mail, instant messaging, and video conferencing. However, each of these may be a separate application that has little or no interface with the others.

Just imagine how much more effective you and your colleagues could be if all those tools/devices seamlessly integrated together.

Avaya Unified Communications Solutions enable you to consolidate your communications infrastructure and distribute services across multiple devices and media to deliver a consistent, unified user experience. You won't have to imagine a more seamless world of communications - you'll be able to hold it in your hand and see it on your screen

Seamlessly integrated: Reply to email with your voice. Turn an IM into a conference call. Answer your desk phone from the airport. No matter how, where, or when you communicate, you’ll have seamless access to the same familiar interfaces and corporate resources.

Productivity focused: When communications tools work together, you get more done. Take the Avaya Flare™ Experience―you use the same interface to collaborate real-time across all your tools, including desktop video, social media, conferencing, and more.

Vendor-neutral: Unified Communications should unify systems, devices and applications from multiple vendors. We support open standards and robust interfaces with third-party products, for lower costs and improved flexibility. Our core communications platform, Avaya Aura®, leverages SIP architecture to simplify networks and connect users at every location regardless of endpoint infrastructure.

Reliable and secure: Our solutions have been used for years by organizations from small businesses to the Fortune 500.


Avaya AuraAvaya Aura® - the core communications platform supporting unified communications and contact center solutions for midsize to large enterprises. It extends Communication Manager and enables SIP-based session management with innovative capabilities.

Leveraging a revolutionary SIP architecture and virtualization technology, Avaya Aura simplifies complex networks and reduces infrastructure costs. Employees at any location can be connected regardless of the infrastructure the endpoints reside on.

Avaya Aura enables faster and easier deployment of communications capabilities such as voice, video, messaging, and presence. As a result, productivity and business agility can be increased.

Avaya Aura®: Communications made easy.

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